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Interesting facts
about ultra-high-solid coatings

Ever since the coming into force of the VOC directive, businesses in the coating industry have had to address the
problem of reducing their emissions of solvents:


One way of reducing VOCs is the use of water-based coatings. However, this solution normally involves high investments into process equipment as well as increased running costs for drying and degreasing. Modern ultra-high-sold coatings are the ideal alternative for those businesses that are not able to convert to aqueous systems, or that do not want to convert for financial reasons.


The key difference between ultra-high-solids and conventional coatings is their particularly high content of solid particles, resulting in a low content of residual solvents. Typical ultra-high-solids from our product range are generally formulated with <250g/l VOC (processible mixture). These modern coating materials can, as a rule, be applied in a manner compliant with VOC using existing process equipment and, in addition, they offer decisive product benefits:


High economic efficiency:

Ultra-high-solids can be applied as self-priming single-coat systems. This permits a saving in labour time of 50% because both primer and topcoat can be applied in one coat.


Easy to use:

High-build applications of between 100 and 400micron and more are possible in only one step. Moreover, the low VOC content of ultra-high-solids minimises the dangers of coating defects, such as solvent retention etc.



In most cases, ultra-high-solids provide excellent adhesion even on surfaces where water-based coating systems reach their limits.


Environmentally compatible:

Unlike conventional coating systems with a volume of solids of between 30 and 40%, ultra-high-solids possess a volume of solids of up to  90% and more. Apart from the reduction in solvents resulting from this, these systems offer additional savings potentials due to their higher  yields.


Practical application

The consumption of solvents can be reduced by 80 to 90% with a conversion from standard to ultra-high-solid systems. If a self-priming ultra-high-solid system is selected, a further 50% saving in labour time can be achieved due to single-coat application. Compared with water-soluble or conventional coating systems, ultra-high-solids therefore assume a special position amongst coating materials.


Our modern ultra-high-solids are available as either epoxy- or polyurethane-based systems or as hybrid or silicone resin-based versions. They can, therefore, be used for almost any area of industrial series production.