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Interesting facts
...........about special coating systems


Special products beyond routine.


Wie develop tailor-made coating systems for selected niche markets and industries. Our product portfolio for this sector is as comprehensive as our costomers' requirements. Utilizing a basis of modified alkyd, acrylic, silicone, epoxy, or polyurethane resins, we manufacture special coating systems with unique performance profiles which are formulated as either water-based, conventional, or ultra-high-solid:


Critical surfaces


Conventional 1pack and 2pack standard primers often exhibit poor or insufficient adhesion on high-alloyed steel surfaces, non-ferrous metals, or only minimally prepared metal surfaces, and they frequently offer inadequate protection against corrosion. Our special coating systems  provide optimum adhesion and maximum corrosion protection for applications where other products fail prematurely.


Protective sealants


Our colourless protective sealants for steel, non-ferrous metals, and PVC- or plastic-coated fabrics protect surfaces against soiling. They are abrasion- and scratch-resistant, permanently elastic, and also provide maximum UV stability. This is a simple and effective way of protecting surfaces against weathering as well as chemical and mechanical stresses.


Labour time-saving single-coat systems


Primer and topcoat in only one layer: Using formulations which combine resins and include special additives, we are able to provide labour time-saving single-coat systems for steel and non-ferrous metals. The scope of applications ranges from industrial series production and the commercial vehicles and construction machinery industries to uses in the construction of engines, machines, and equipment.


Coatings with special performance profiles


The multitude of products in this sector corresponds to the number of requirements which customers have with regard to our special coatings.

After an analysis of the specific demands, we evaluate the best coating alternatives available, create a suitable coating concept, and, together with you, we implement this efficiently. Using individual product formulations, we are able to solve difficult application problems in a simple and ideal manner.


Private-label and contract manufacture


We also produce coating materials as contract manufacturers according to specified formulations and on an exclusive basis if requested. The same applies to private label manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001. Our state-of-the-art technologiy for laboratories, machines, and equipment guarantees a consistently high product quality.