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Interesting facts

...........about conventional coating materials

Conventional solvent-based paints

Manufactured on a basis of a wide variety of binders, conventional solvent-based paints satisfy almost any demand.

Although water-based systems or ultra-high-solids are already available as equivalents in nearly all areas of our product range, there are numerous applications for which the use of conventional coatings is still adbisable or essential:

The principal conventional coating systems are, amongst others:

are used for producing two-component (2pack) coatings of highest quality and stability. They are ideally suited as topcoats for cars and commercial vehicles.

Epoxy resins

are used, e.g. as basis for two-component (2pack) coatings for surfaces which are highly resistant against chemical stresses or corrosion. They can be used, amongst other things, for cathodic corrosion protection, for coating floors and the interiors of tanks, or as decontamination paints.

Acrylic resin paints
display a high gloss level, in addition to their high resistance against ageing and weathering.

Alkyd resin primers and topcoats
are characterised by their easy, universal processibility, in addition to their high economic efficiency, and are suitable for numerous applications both indoors and outdoors.

PVC combined coatings

provide very good direct adhesion on non-ferrous metals and synthetics surfaces, in addition to their ulta-quick-drying properties.

Effect coatings

such as hammer effect or textured coatings, create visually attractive surfaces and elegantly cover any unevennesses, scratches, or surface defects on components with their effects.

Baking enamels

are ideal for use as heavy-dury, scratch-resistant coatings for household goods, or for parts used in measuring and equipment technology.

There are numerous other conventional coating materials that have been tried and tested for years in the most diverse sectors of industry. To protect the environment and reduce VOC emissions, conventional solvent-based paints have been replaced more and more by medium-solids, ultra-high-solids or water-soluble coating materials. This trend is continuing unabatedly and has in the meantime created a high momentum of its own because of permanent new developments and enhancements on the part of both raw-material suppliers and paint manufacturers.

As a responsible manufacturer, Süddeutsches Lackwerk have taken a voluntary commitment to provide their customers with alternatives to conventional coating materials that are environmentally compatible.

You can find out more on this subject on our pages quality and environment and in our product range water-soluble coatings and ultra-high-solids.