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Our Values

As a medium-sized family-owned business, we think and plan for the long term. Everyone has a responsibility that this is reflected in our daily work.
This makes us predictable.

Our managers maintain  a relationship with their staff which is based on trust, and the same is true for our Country Managers in their relations with their customers and suppliers.
Our word is our bond.

This makes us reliable. We are open to change in order to stay successful. Our main criteria are always the same: mutual respect, together with solid, socially oriented entrepreneurship. This makes us credible.


1. The company

As a business within the coating industry, it is our aim to enhance the company's value without taking any risks that might jeopardize its existence, and without neglecting social and ecological aspects.
This makes our actions sustainable.


2. Strategy


Both our products and our service are of the highest quality, and we aim to improve them even further. We are seeking for something new by giving priority to a continuous development of what is tried and tested. We are consistent in internationalising our work.
This makes us competitive.


3. Customers and suppliers


We work closely with both our customers and our suppliers. Based on trust and mutual respect, we co-operate with them in the search for improvements and solutions to problems.
This makes us successful.


4. Employees


Motivated employees are the basis of our company's success. We offer secure jobs and satisfying working conditions and job contents. We prefer to discuss things personally; problems are not a reason for criticism. Our staff take responsibility for their work which is result-oriented.
This makes our work socially responsible.


5. Quality and environment


In the course of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, we have established an effective quality and environmental management. In addition, all safety-relevant operational processes have been DEKRA-certified. We have entered into a commitment to strive for the best possible adherence to the balance between efficiency and protection of the environment We regularly check the goals we have set ourselves to achieve a continuous improvement. This helps us to manufacture in a way which is conscious of both quality and the environment.


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