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Süddeutsches Lackwerk
...........Innovative coatings from the experts

Are you looking for a specialist for industrial coating systems? You need to look no further!

We at Süddeutsches Lackwerk focus on innovative, uncompromising quality of products and service and are your reliable and competent partner for
modern industrial coating and corrosion protection systems.

The result of consistently used synergies and a delight in accomplishment is quality, which is not only reflected in our actions but also on your surfaces....

Coatings for Engines> temperature-resistant coatings up to 650°C

Industrial CoatingCoatings for engineering

temperature-resistantHeat-resistant Coatings

Corrosion protection for construction machinery,Corrosion protection for  comercial vehicles

Construction of engines

Industrial series

Heat-resistant coatings for

commercial vehicles and

machinery & units/plants

products and toolbuilding

High temperature applications

construction machinery industry

Lacke und Beschichtungen für Motoren


Hitzefeste Lacksysteme