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High solid body - little solvent


our ultra-high-solids comply with even the strictest VOC requirements.


We have developed modern ultra-high-solids with a particularly high content of solids as an ideal alternative for all those paint shops for whom a changeover to water-soluble paints and primers is either not feasible or not expedient. The ultra-high-solids included in our product range generally have a V0C content of <250g/L in their workable state and therefore meet the specifications contained in the European  VOC regulation (31.BISchV ) without any problem.

As self-priming monolayer systems, ultra-high-solids provide additional benefit: Compared with standard systems, the user is able to generate considerable cost advantages due to savings in labour time, since both primer and topcoat are applied in one coat.


No matter whether high-quality coatings in machine and equipment construction are concerned, or high-build applications in heavy-duty corrosion protection, underwater coatings, or coatings resistant against chemicals: Ultra-high-solids can be successfully used in all sectors of industry.