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Quality & Environmental

to make sure the chemistry is right


Your demand on quality is our driving force - we can offer more!


The first impression is important- that is particularly true for any coated industrial products.

The quality and visual impact of a surface coating are the "calling card" of your company and at the same time a symbol of its reputation.


It is our conviction that one basic requirement for a solid relationship with our customers built on mutual trust is a production based on the best possible and consistently high quality. This standard is not only our commitment but also a permanent challenge.


We don't rest on our laurels but enhance our standards in a continuous process. To achieve this we train our staff regularly and we invest in the latest methods of product and process monitoring as well as in environmentally compatible manufacturing technologies.


Quality does not develop by itself, one has to work for it day by day. The result can only be flawless if the many small steps leading to it were faultless, too.

We "live" quality in all our departments - 365 days a year.