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>> product information

>> interesting facts on the subject

>> product information

>> interesting facts on the subject

>> product information

>> interesting facts on the subject

>> product information

>> interesting facts on the subject

Coating materials for critical
substrates and surfaces

Labour time-saving single-coat systems

Clearcoat protective sealants
for metal, PVC , and plastics surfaces

Coating materials with
special performance profil

Coating with excellent adhesion even
on smooth non-ferrous metals or objects
in FE/NF composite construction

>> WW 2pack monolayer SL-2162
Colour-stable, light-resistant, and anti-corrosive coating for both indoor and outdoor areas in only one layer.

>> WW 2pack monolayer SL-2182
Colourless, UV-stable, weathering-resistant protective coatings with stain-resistant finish for aluminum or zinc-plated surfaces

WW 2pack alum. sealant 966
Hot water-resistant coating for water tanks or containers for
temperature ranges 90 to 100°C.

WW Thermo AquaShield 100
Coatings with outstanding anti-corrosive properties, even on manually derusted surfaces with residual moisture. Traces of rust are encapsulated.

>> WW 2pack monolayer
EP 609AL
Labour time-saving, 1pack monolayer coating for universal application suitable for construction machinery and equipment.

>> WW 1pack monolayer paint
Water-soluble, colourless, UV-
stable, and weathering-resistant protective coating for PVC surfaces such as truck tarpaulins and advertising banners.

>> WW
Aqua Top
Heat-resistant 2pack acrylic thermal monolayer coat for motorcycle cylinders, colour-stable, with very good resistance against fuels and oil.

>> 2pack ClassicBike Coating
968CBC 1
Coating with special light zinc colour for the visual touch-up of galvanised surfaces. Achieves high anti-corrosive effect at the same time.

>> WW 2pack monolayer
SL-2182 Zink
Water-soluble 1pack monolayer coating for universal application.
Quick-drying, high protection against corrosion, high durability.

>> WW pack Hydro monolayer
Colourless, weathering-resistant, anti-corrosive coating for steel or cast-.iron parts used in engine and installation construction.

>> WW 1pack rust protection colourless SL2067
Water-soluble strip varnish, usable as temporary protective coating for spraying booths etc.

>> WW 1pack Aqua strip varnish