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Effective – variable – simple

our proven and tested conventional coating materials can be used universally.

With a production based on a wide variety of binders, conventional coatings and primers made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk meet nearly every requirement.  We offer a complete product range of conventional 1 and 2pack industrial coatings for all those applications for which the use of water-based systems or ultra-high-solids is either not expedient or not feasible.

Ideally co-ordinated system solutions for coating construction machinery, commercial vehicles, or engines and installations offer additional value through potential savings in labour time and costs. Whether high-quality 2pack epoxy or acrylic primers, high-performance 2pack polyurethane topcoats, or 1pack alkyd or PVC acrylic systems with their easy and efficient application - the range of our conventional coating materials is as divers and comprehensive as our customers' product portfolios.