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Product Overview

...........Clear Coat Protective Coating


WW 2Pack Aluminum Sealant 966 Colourless

Type: 2pack polyurethane paint, acrylic modified
Application range: UV-/ light-stabie colourless protective coating for aluminum surfaces as well as brass, zinc, and stainless steel. Special UV stabilisers guarantee UV stability of indoor and outdoor coatings, e.g. as protective coating for facades and aluminum construction elements or galvanised steel structures.
Colour shades:


Gloss level: High gloss. Silk lustre is also available.
Components: 2pack material, modified PU and acrylic resins.

Aluminum, galvanised surfaces plus stainless steel, brass, and other non-ferrous metals.

Special features:

Excellent UV stability.
Permanently elastic formulation, resistant against embrittlement.
Perfect gloss life, scratch-, shock- and impact-resistant finish.
Easy to clean due to its low-porosity finish. Quick-drying properties.


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WW 1Pack AquaTop SL-5508ZX – Finishing Varnish Colourless

Type: Water-soluble 1pack acrylic resin coating
Application range: Unique, UV- and light-stable, permanently elastic, colourless protective coating for PVC, plastics, or fabrics coated with plastics such as truck tarpaulins and large advertising banners and digital prints.
Special additives ensure excellent UV stability as well as long-term elasticity, e.g. on either printed or plain PVC surfaces such as truck tarpaulins and the like


Gloss level: High gloss. silk lustre available.
Components: 1pack material, modified acrylic resins
Surfaces: PVC, plastic-coated fabrics, and the like
Special features:

Excellent UV-stability.
Formulation ensures permanent elasticity and resistance against embrittlement .
Perfect gloss life, scratch-, shock-and impact-resistant finish.
Easy to clean due to its low-porosity finish.
Can be used in liquid laminators without any problem.
Test certificates/approvals by leading tarpaulin manufactures.
Quick-drying properties.


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WW 1Pack Rust Protection SL-2067 Colourless

Type: Colourless 1pack anti-corrosive coating
Application range: Suitable as colourless, permanently elastic protective coating for steel, cast-iron.
Excellent protection against corrosion and resistance to chemicals.
Ideal for use as permanent priming coat or temporary protective coating in engine, power unit, and machine construction. Can be universally painted over with PU or EP paint systems, if required.
Colours: Colourless.
Gloss level: Low-gloss.
Components: 1pack material, combination of epoxy and acrylic resins
Surfaces: Steel, cast-iron
Special features: Excellent long-term protection against corrosion
Quick-drying, easy application (1pack product)
Formulation ensures permanent elasticity and resistance against embrittlement.
Scratch-, shock- and impact-resistant finish
Can be painted over, if required, with a wide variety 1 and 2pack topcoat systems

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Wettotherm 1Pack Baking Enamel SL-2099 Colourless

Type: 1pack baking enamel
Application range: Colourless baking enamel for highest coating requirements for objects both indoors and outdorrs.
Ideal suited as colourless protective coating for brass, aluminum, V2A stainless steel. 
Perfect for painting fittings, handrails, steel furniture, or household goods
Colours: Colourless.
Gloss level: Glossy.
Components: 1pack material, modified acrylic resins.
Surfaces: Directly on steel or non-ferrous metals
Special features: Colour-stable, resistant against yellowing and embrittlement.
Extremely scratch-,shock- and impact-resistant finish
Universal application properties
Stain-resistant film. 

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