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Corrosion protection
in accordance with DIN ISO 12944

Coating systems are used not only to protect steel surfaces against corrosion, but they also help to give steel constructions a variety of colourful designs in all areas.


In the past, „corrosion protection of steel constructions with coatings and covers" was regulated in DIN 55928 for the German-language territory. In the course of adapting German standardisation to international rules, an international standard for this sector was translated, revised, and incorporated into the German set of standard specifications.


The DIN EN ISO 12944 standard „Corrosion protection of steel constructions with coating systems" was published in July, 1998. Like every international body of rules and regulations, this standard is a compromise which incorporates the different prerequisites and interests of the countries concerned. It is, however, a good compromise. It regulates what needs to be regulated but leaves sufficient leeway for individual solutions agreed between contracting parties in particular cases.


In January, 2008, a revised standard DIN EN ISO 12944 was passed which included, amongst other things, minor changes in the specification of coating thicknesses, e.g. for epoxy zinc powder as initial priming coat. Also, and contrary to the previous DIN EN ISO 12944 standard, the default parameters for surface treatment, e.g. Sa 2.5 or St 3, are no longer explicitly listed per table.


In our statements and notes, we do not always refer to the updated items of the DIN EN ISO 12944 standard since most of the existing specifications also still refer to the DIN standard published in 1998. However, our coating configurator and the coating systems recommended in this, for the most part already include the parameters specified in the version of DIN EN ISO 12944 published in January, 2008.


The following information is intended to help anybody concerned with corrosion protection to familiarise themselves not only with DIN EN ISO 12944 but also with the principles of corrosion protection and the materials used.



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