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on the subject of the VOC directive

On March 11, 1999, the VOC directive (solvents directive) was passed in Brussels. The intention of this EU directive was to rigorously reduce the Europe-wide emission of solvents which contribute to the production of harmful low-level ozone. It is intended to achieve this aim by specifying threshold values for plant exhaust gases as well as by limiting the shares of fugitive emissions.


You can meet the requirements of the VOC directive without any problem with our environmentally compatible, water-soluble systems, or by using our modern ultra-high-solid coatings.


Please check first whether and to what extent your company is affected by the VOC directive. Our customer information sheet on the solvents directive offers detailed data and facts regarding this.


The complete legal text of the VOC directive can be downloaded from this website as pdf file, together with a detailed brochure  concerning the implementation of this directive which has been published by the German Paint and Lacquer Institute.


If you have questions regarding the conversion to VOC-compliant coating systems, or if you need information or suggestions for solving problems with regard to implementing the VOC directive in your company -


Please contact us – We will be pleased to be of assistance !