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Useful hints
...........on the subject of lacquer

If you have been looking for some hints on the subject of industrial lacquer and surface preparation - this is where you can find them!


The documentation we have compiled for you includes the following topics at present:


Practical knowledge:  Application and surface preparation


>> information sheet  `Surface preparation and application´

>> information sheet  `Application of zinc silicate coatings´

>> information sheet  `Application of Heat°Resist´

>> information sheet  `Application of Silico°Therm´

>> information sheet  `Surface treatment of steel ´

>> information sheet  `Surface treatment of zinc ´


Practical knowledge: Conversion tables


>> Conversion table `FRP acceptance after addition of thinner ´

>> Conversion table `Thickness of wet film in relation to dry film´

>> Conversion table `Viscosity - flow times´


Practical knowledge: Information tables


>> Tables regarding `Determination of dew point´

>> Determination of gloss level in acc. with DIN




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