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Maximum performance under thermal stress

even when things heat up, our heat-resistant coating systems stay firm.

High-temperature-resistant coatings made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk give excellent properties to surfaces subject to thermal stress, in particular in places  exposed to extreme temperatures in combination with rapid temperature fluctuations. The special properties of our high-temperature-resistant coating systems are defined by optimized selection of high-quality binders, pigments, and fillers. Therefore, the coatings included in our product range are able to withstand temperatures of up to 600°C and more without disintegration or loss of adhesion.


Besides classical silicone resin and silicone acrylic resin paints, our product range includes the latest generation of environmentally compatible, VOC-compliant polysiloxane coatings. Our products are suitable for parts subject to thermal and corrosive stress, such as exhaust silencers, fittings, brake discs, industrial furnaces/ovens or steel smokestacks, as well as for hot-running exhaust pipes and components used in the construction of engines, machines, equipment, and power units.


Our customers don't know any compromises when it comes to the quality of our high-temperatur- resistant coating systems -  because we don't make any.