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Product Overview

...........Coatings with Special Performance Profiles


WW Thermo AquaShield 100

Type: Self-priming, heat-resistant 2pack coating
Application range: Unique coating, especially suitable for use in underwater applications subject to high temperatures.  Anti-corrosive , self-priming coating, resistant against hot water loads in the temperature range up to  ~100°Celsius or ~250°C. dry heat.
Ideal for use as interior coating for tanks such as water tanks and tank coating for hot or cold process water, or as heat-resistant single-coat material for steel structures etc.
Colour shades:

Grey, green, Mio-grey, Mio-green, reddish brown

Gloss level: Semi-gloss
Components: 2pack material, modified epoxy phenolic resin

Steel, cast-iron, spray-zinc-plated steel, concrete

Special features:

Resistant against hot water up to ~100°C
Resistant against dry heat up to ~250°C
Excellent protection against corrosion combined with perfect adhesive properties
Extremely high resistance against chemicals
Extremely resistant against scratching/shock/impact
Can be recoated with a wide range of 1 and /2pack WW topcoat systems, if required.


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2pack ClassicBikeCoating 968 CBC

Type: Self-priming monolayer
Application range: Temperature range of ~200-280°C.
Ideal for use as self-priming single-coat material for painting motorcycle cylinders, etc.
Colour shades:

CBC 05 = black, CBC 06 = silver

Gloss level: Medium-gloss. Semi gloss to matt
Components: 2pack material, modified acrylic resin
Surfaces: Steel, cast-iron, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, GRP
Special features:

Self-priming single-coat material for iron and non-ferrous metals, especially designed for coating motorcycle cylinders.
Reliably resistant against elevated temperatures
Excellent weathering resistance and colour stability in combination with high resistance against chemicals and mechanical stresses.
Perfect application properties.


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WW 1Pack Aqua Strip Varnish SL-5513

Type: Water-soluble 1pack alkyd resin coating
Application range: Strippable protective sealing, e.g. for paint spray booths or as temporary protection against corrosion for metal surfaces
Colour shades: White, approx. RAL 9010
Gloss level: Matt
Components: 1pack material, modified alkyd resins
Surfaces: Steel, galvanized surfaces, etc.
Special features: High-build application up to 500micron
Easy to strip, including large-scale stripping
Can be applied as either strip varnish or as temporary protection against corrosion

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