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Product Overview

...........Coatings for Critical Surfaces


Wetterwart 2Pack Monolayer SL-2162

Type: 2pack coating with active zinc phosphate
Application range: Anti-corrosive priming coat with unique adhesive properties, suitable for steel and cast-iron, aluminum, and zinc-plated surfaces, numerous non-ferrous metals and high-alloyed types of steel.
Suitable for single-coat application, can be universally recoated with many topcoats based on PU and epoxy resins.

Standard=RAL 9002. RAL & non-serial colours possible.

Gloss level: Semi-gloss
Components: 2pack material, modified acrylic/epoxy resins

Steel, cast-iron, aluminum, zinc, and numerous other non-ferrous metals and high-alloyed steel types

Special features:

Unsurpassed adhesive properties
Excellent protection against corrosion
Permanently elastic, robust, and flexible finish
Suitable for single-coat application
Almost unlimited coating options, if required


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2Pack Single-Coat Epoxy 609AL

Type: Ultra-high-solid coating with <250g/L VOC
Application range: Self-priming single-coat system or intermediate/topcoat when building up for C4/C5 corrosiveness categories. Provides adhesion also on surfaces with residual moisture, encloses traces of residual rust effectively, thus preventing further corrosion.

Silver (~RAL 9006). Non-serial colours on request.

Gloss level: High-gloss / semi-gloss
Components: 2pack material, modified epoxy resin
Surfaces: Staee, cast-iron, aluminum, and zinc-plated surfaces
Special features:

Outstanding adhesive properties
Excellent protection against corrosion
Very good resistance against chemicals
Provides finishes with high mechanical load capacity
Can be combined with EP zinc content and/or PU topcoats for higher anti-corrosive requirements


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Wetterwart 2K Monolayer SL-2182 Zinc Touchup

Type: 2pack polyurethane resin paint
Application range: Colour- and light-stable single-coat paint, with the colour perfectly adapted to newly galvanized surfaces.
Ideally suited for touching up damages on galvanized surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
The utilization of active anti-corrosive pigments ensures additional rust protection on damaged zinc surfaces.
Colour shades:

Zinc light

Gloss level: Medium-gloss
Components: 2pack material, polyurethane resin combination
Surfaces: Galvanized surfaces. Can be applied on suitable 2pack priming coats, too.
Special features: Visually high-grade „galvanizing effect“
Very good colour- and UV-stability
Excellent adhesive properties
Outstanding protection against corrosion

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