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Application range

Offshore, Petrochemical & Marine Industries

Applications in the areas of offshore, petrochemical, and marine industries require the use of special products of worldwide renown with a specific performance profile.

It is for exactly that reason that we have been an exclusive licence and distribution partner of PPG Protective and Marine Coatings (formerly  Ameron International), the world's leading manufacturer of innovative anti-corrosive systems for offshore, petrochemical, or general marine applications, for more than fifteen years. Learn more about PPG PMC at:

Offshore industries are expanding worldwide, and their economic relevance for oil and gas production or the use of wind enegy is igrowing all the time. High-performance coating materials from the PPG PMC Amercoat product range permit the reliable and continuous operation of offshore and petrochemical plants of every kind. Regulatory approvals issued by reputable institutes recognized worldwide, such as NORSOK or AQUPA, specification approvals by leading enterprises in the petrochemical industries like Shell, Dow Chemical, and others are proof o the high international quality standard of all Amercoat cioating materials used in this field.



Amercoat products meet a highly complex requirement profile: Extremely corrosive media, high, changing loads and growth of algae and mussels in specific marine or underwater applications are just some of the characteristic features which offshore components have to be able to master reliably.

The Amercoat licensed products included in our product range meet even the highest demands specified in C5 M corrosivieness categories  in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944. A global network of PPG PMC branch offices, support bases and partners provides you, as a user, with the security of worldwide product availability and, if required, with reliable local support on all continents.