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Application range

...........Steel Building, Fittings, Silos, and Tanks

The products on which our coatings are used are just as diverse as the industrial sectors that profit from our know-how.


Coating materials made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk are found on the surfaces of:

Tank and silo installations, pipelines, valves and fittings


Steel structures & steel construction, interior coatings for tanks


The outer surfaces of steel structures, fittings, silos, and tanks need to be protected against, e.g. aggressive climatic
influences in city and industrial atmospheres, and inner parts shielded from chemical and mechanical stresses. The coating systems offered by us for this range of applications meet even the highest demands with regard to UV stabiliy and resilience.

Our product range includes the following items for coating steel structures, fittings, silos and tanks: Conventional and water-soluble coatings plus ultra-high-solid coatings which save labour time, as well as internationally specified products from the Amercoat range.