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Application range

........Engine, Unit & Power Station Construction

The products on which our coatings are used are just as diverse as the industrial sectors that profit from our know-how.


Coating materials made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk are found on the surfaces of:

Engines, power units, generators, large-size engines, power stations

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Coating systems used for components of engines, power units, and power stations are subject to special mechanical and  chemical loads. Coating systems for this application range which not only protect against corrosion, shock, and impact but also against chemical stresses are the basis for the long-term service life of any coated object.


Our product range offers a range of coatings suitable for components of engines, power units, and power stations, including coventional and water-soluble and ultra-high-solid coatings which save labour time, as well as highly heat-resistant silicone resin paints.