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Application range

Mechanical/Equipment Engineering
& Measuring Technology

The products on which our coatings are used are just as diverse as the industrial sectors that profit from our know-how.


Coating materials made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk are found on the surfaces of:

Machine tools and production machines, drive and measuring technology, household goods, and technical equipment

ProduktionsmaschineCNC Fräse
WerkzeugmaschinenMeßtechnik, Haushaltswaren
Heizung und technische GeräteHaushaltwaren

Coating systems used to paint machines and technical equipment must be able to withstand a wide variety of stresses and
influences to ensure the long-term operability as well as the maintenance of value of the coated objects. Each of the systems used by us for these applications is adapted to both the surface and ambient conditions and also to the mechanical and chemical stresses expected.


Our product range includes not only conventional and water-soluble coatings for use on machines and technical equipment, but also ultra-high-solid coatings and highly heat-resistant silicone resin paints which save labour-time.