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Application range

...........High temperature ranges

The products for which our coatings are used are just as varied as the industrial sectors that profit from our know-how.


Coating materials made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk are used for surfaces of:

Light fixtures, spotlights, floodlights, chimneys, extract-air/silencer and exhaust systems with thermal loads up to ~300°C.


Fireplaces, ovens/furnaces, garden barbecue grills, brake disks, turbo-chargers, engine parts subject to thermal loads of up to ~650°C.


Special high-performance coating systems are required for coating thermally loaded surfaces, e.g. of spotlights, motorcycle cylinders and exhaust systems, and for coating parts subject to high thermal loads which are used in manufacturing engines,  turbo-chargers, and furnace technology as well as in automotive brake systems. Our heat-resistant and highly heat-resistant coating systems meet even the highest demands with regard to resistance against permanent heat, long-term protection against corrosion, user-friendliness and environmental compatibility.

The following products from our range are suitable for coating thermally loaded and highly thermally loaded surfaces of any kind: Thermo-acryllic paints, conventional silicone resin paints, and cutting-edge ultra-high-solid polysiloxane coatings.