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The products on which our coatings are used are just as varied as the industrial sectors which profit from our knowhow.


Coating materials made by Süddeutsches Lackwerk are found on the surfaces of:

>> construction machinery, cranes and commercial vehicles, hydraulics, gripping and
materials handling technology

>> machine tools and production machines, drive and measuring technology,
household goods and technical equipment

>> engines, power units, generators, large-size engines, power stations

>> tank and silo installations, pipelines, valves and fittings

>> Light fixtures, spotlights, floodlights, chimneys, extract-air/silencer and exhaust
systems with thermal loads of up to ~300°C

>> chimneys, furnaces, garden barbecue equipment, brake disks, turbo-chargers,
engine parts with thermal loads of up to ~650°C

>> steel structures & steel building, interior coatings for tanks


Each industrial sector or application range requires its own, individually created coating concept. The experience we have gained over decades of working with a large number of companies flows directly into each new product development and formulation.


The coating systems supplied by us give surfaces an attractive, pleasing appearance and help to contribute to an unaccustomed good visual appearance for industrial goods, in addition to their usual characteristics.


Our coatings protect surfaces against corrosion as well as chemical, thermal, and mechanical loads and against climatic influences in both urban and industral atmospheres.


Due to our co-operation with a partner, we are able to offer customers, in addition to our own coating materials, licensed products for additional applications which are known and proven worldwide.


>> petrochemical industry

>> offshore industry

>> marine applications


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