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General Terms of Use


These Terms of Use shall apply to all applications that are part of our web-site 

Any supplementary terms are specified at the relevant location. We reserve the right to adapt our Terms of  Use, our General Terms of Sale and Delivery and/or the online content at any time should this become necessary due to changes in our product range or in legal requirements. The user automatically declares his agreement with the most current version. 

1. Content of Online Presence

Süddeutsche Lackwerk Zelle GmbH+Co.KG (hereafter called SDL for short) has compiled the information found on this web-site from both internal and external sources, with professional care and to the best of their knowledge and belief. Neither SDL nor third parties which may have been involved in the creation, the production or the conveyance of this online presence shall be held liable for any damages or injuries arising from the access to,  the impossibility to access, the use, or the impossibility of using this web-site, the use of flawed or incomplete information, or from the   fact that a user has relied on information included on this web-site. In particular, SDL do not accept any liability whatsoever for the topicality, correctness, completeness, or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against SDL for damages caused by the utilization of information posted on the Internet are strictly excluded unless evidence is furnished that SDL has acted with either intent or gross negligence. All offers on the Net are without obligation and are subject to confirmation. SDL expressly reserves the right to alter, amend, or delete parts of or the entire web-site without separate notice, or to cease publication temporarily or finally. For that reason users are advised to check any information found on this web-site before using it. Any guidance included on this web-site does not release users from their duty to verify current hints found there – especially technical information – and to check our products regarding their suitability for the intended processes and purposes. Should users require special guidance or instructions with regard to our products and services, they are requested to contact us directly.

2. References and Links

Any liability for direct or indirect references to external web-sites („links") which are outside the responsibility of SDL, shall be assumed solely in those cases in which SDL had prior knowledge of their contents and where it would have been technically feasible and reasonable to prevent the utilization of any illegal contents. Liability for any other contents and, in particular, for any damages arising from the utilization or non-utilization of information included rests solely with the owners of such web-sites and not with whoever merely links to the publication in question. 

3. Safety Data Sheets

The information provided in our safety data sheets is based on our current state of knowledge.  It is intended to describe our products with regard to safety requirements but it does not mean to guarantee certain properties.


4. Right of Use and Copyright

The copyright for any information, documents, and statements generated by SDL and published on their web-site remains exclusively with SDL. These contents are solely intended for personal, non-commercial use. SDL reserves the right of civil and criminal prosecution of any unauthorized use of contents or part of contents, through either complete or partial duplication, publication, reproduction or performance.

The SDL company logo and other brands are trademark-protected. The unauthorized use of these brands or other materials is expressly prohibited and constitutes an infringement of copyright, trademark right and other property rights.

7. International Users

This web-site is controlled, maintained and operated by SDL from their offices at >85622 Feldkirchen, Germany<. It is intended for international use. SDL does not guarantee that the information presented on this web-site is correct worldwide, or that the products and services are available worldwide with the same appearance, the same size, and at the same terms. If you visit this web-site and/or download any content, you are responsible for ensuring that this complies with local laws in force at your place of residence.

8. Sale of SDL Products

Our products are sold under the General Sales Terms and Delivery Conditions applicable at the time.

9. Applicable Law

Any claims or legal proceedings connected with this web-site and/or its utilization are subject to the interpretation of the laws in force in the Federal Republic of Germany.