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You produce the products. We produce the surface coatings.

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You produce the products.
We produce the surface coatings. manufacturers of innovative industrial coatings, we produce conventional coatings as well as water-soluble and ultra-high solid coating systems. Our coating materials are distributed under the proprietary names Wetterwart, Wettofix, Wettocryl, Silicotherm, Heat-Eesist, Thermozink, UltraSolid, UltraPur, UltraPox, or Aquashield. In addition, as licensed partners of PPG PMC, formerly Ameron-International, we exclusively produce and market special coatings such as Amerlock, Amercoat, Dimetcote or PSX 700. Learn more about us under company

Our speciality are heat-resistant and high-temperature-resistant varnishes and coating systems, temperature-resistent anti-corrosive systems, silicone zinc-rich primers, temperature-sensitive coatings, silicone resin paints, coatings made from zinc silicone resins and polysiloxane, polyorganosiloxane coatings, duplex coatings, ultra-high-solids and water-soluble coatings. Our innovative tarpaulin protection coatings, PVC tarpaulin coatings, truck tarpaulin coatings, protective sealants, cylinder coatings, anti-graffiti coatings, graffiti protection coatings, or nano coatings contribute to effectively protecting surfaces against corrosion, pollution, and chemical and mechanical stresses under maritime and industrial atmospheres.
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If you are looking for an alternative to our water-soluble coatings, we can offer you a broad range of high-solid and ultra-high-solid coatings. These modern products can be used as self-priming monolayer systems with low VOC contents and are ideal for labour time-saving, high-build coatings for corrosiveness categories from C2 to C5 in accordance with ISO 12944-5.
Learn more about our products under ultra-high-solids

Our portfolio includes typical products for conventional coatings, such as (EP) epoxy resin primers, epoxy resin paints, 2pack acrylic paints, 2pack PU paints, commercial vehicle paints, alkyd resin paints, synthetic resin paints, PVC paints, DD paints, textured paints, EP zinc-rich primers, paints for touching up and repairing zinc surfaces.
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Our anti-corrosive coatings are used, among others, for coating construction machinery and commercial vehicles, engines, power units, and equipment components, as well as for coating all kinds of steel structures. Our product range includes special coatings suitable for tanks, tank interiors, hot water-resistant applications, heating oil tanks, or for general underwater coating. Wetterwart products allow coatings that are resistant against acids, chemicals, and scratching. They are UV light-stable and resistant against yellowing. In addition to these, we can supply innovative coatings which measure and indicate temperatures, F30 and F60 coatings, fluoorpolymer coatings, or CUI coatings. Find out more about typical applications under application areas

The coatings and corrosion protection systems included in our product range comply with standards and requirements of ACQPA, AFNOR, RAL, BS (British Standard), Munsell, NCS and NORSOK, EN ISO 12944, ISO 8501, DIN 55928, 31.BimSchVo, and the European VOC directive. You can find the appropriate coating system for your particular requirement with the help of our coating configurator

Paint and corrosion protection systems are only able to form an effective protective coating if both surface preparation and coat application were carried out correctly. You can use our info centre to find notes and hints on application and surface preparation of steel, aluminum, or zinc, plus some helpful tables and information on corrosion protection in accordance with DIN standards, determination of dew point, etc. Please find comprehensive information on the subject of coating under info centre